About GroceryAid

GroceryAid is the charity for all people who work or have worked in the grocery industry, from producers and factories through to stores, large and small. Whether you need financial, emotional or practical assistance, we’re here to help you when life gets tough. The charity will spend over £4.7M helping those in need in 2018/19 and we’re very proud to be supported in our work by companies across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

GroceryAid are delighted to be involved with ‘Diversity and Inclusion in Grocery’. A subject that has great importance in our industry. Fundraising events such as this also help the charity continue supporting thousands of people every year. Without these events it wouldn’t be possible to keep up with the increasing applications and phone calls to the Helpline.

To date, GroceryAid has never had to turn away anybody who qualified for the help we offer. We want to keep it this way long into the future, so thank you for supporting.

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